Watch LeBron Flex His Pecs and His Brain at the Same Time

LeBron “Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth” James

It comes at the 2:11 mark.

And the sentence begins “I’m kinda the wrong guy to go at…”

It could go full Training Day Denzel, because that’s kind of how I would expect shirtless postgame energy to travel after one is asked — again — “might you consider shutting up and dribbling.”

But King James takes us in another direction.

“… because I do my homework.”

I had the great pleasure of listening to three Black women faculty members at the University of Pennsylvania give a talk on race and activism a couple of days ago. Dr. Krystal Strong encouraged everyone to be an activist; to use their platform and experiences, and determine their own way(s) to get involved in the ongoing struggle for liberation.

We need to be more like Dr. Strong and Mr. James. None of us were put on this planet to just do one thing. But if we were, I’d say that it would be to get free. So let’s get free.

I am a husband, father, writer, educator, and generator of ideas. Working on my follow through. Latest book, Higher Learning, out now at

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