This is #Goals

Brian Peterson
2 min readMay 22, 2022

The above photo was posted by a faculty member at Penn who I am Facebook friends with.

Here was the caption: I know I am not suppose to post photos of my food; however, this weather called for me to represent. Made with my own hands.


This one spoke to me (which is why I’m here, speaking to you).

But not for the reasons you may expect.

Yes, it’s a day after his original post and still nearly 90 degrees on a Sunday in May (not August!). So ice cream is perfectly understandable.

But I can’t have ice cream. Because it will magically disappear from my freezer. I say this, because whenever I do roll the dice and buy some, then it disappears, I ask my co-inhabitants (children) what happened, and nobody knows anything. Wild, right? It’s like my house is haunted by ghosts that only just so happen to love frozen treats and other tasty snacks. Didn’t have these apparition issues when the kids were younger. But of course, that’s pure coincidence.

As I close, so you can scroll back up and look at the picture, I just hope that the Lord grants me the the good grace to one day see a phantom-free empty nest where I can keep a stock of non-dairy ice cream, gooey hot fudge, whipped cream, and a banana so I too can make one of these and enjoy it in peace. (And please don’t let it be April or March when we’re hit with 90 degree mark and need to make the ice cream run. Thanks!)



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